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Silver (Ag) Silver has long been considered an important investment monetary metal, investors can choose between a wide range of silver bars, silver bullion coins. As with other precious metal investments, silver is graded and classified in terms of purity. Investment-grade silver is at least 99.9% and more often 99.99% pure, and any silver bar or bullion must state this level of purity.

Silver bullion bars must display the relevant assay marks from the refiner, if they are to be considered genuine and “good”. As with other precious metals, trust in their purity is augmented by keeping them in safe and secure storage, where a proper audit of their authenticity is guaranteed.
Indigo Precious Metals is a trusted and experienced dealer in Silver investment bars, bullion and coins. We have substantial expertise in advising on, and selling silver investment products. We strongly recommend safe and secure storage in proper vaults, and we can arrange this through our partnerships with world renowned vaulting agents and their Vault Storage facilities in Singapore Le Freeport.
Singapore is now a global leader in precious metals trading and offers significant advantages to the serious investor, not only offering one of the world’s safest storage facilities, but also for attractive tax benefits.

Protect your wealth with this unique and illustrious precious metal. Not only considered a monetary metal in its own right and held by investors as an attractive and viable liquid asset, but silver is a highly sought after industrial metal with properties that no other element on earth can lay claim to.

Silver’s unsurpassed thermal and electrical conductivity among metals, almost completely reflective when polished and the fact silver is used in the field of medicine with its anti-bacterial catalyst which kills bacteria by interfering with their respiration, this antibiotic property, along with its non-toxicity ensures silver's unique position in the modern world.
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