Silver 1,000 Ounce Cast Bar - Various .999% Purity LBMA

The 1,000 oz silver bar weighs just over 31.1 kilos but can vary up to 40 oz. FINAL PRICE will depend on the individual bar sizes chosen by client
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Product Details

1,000 Toz (31 kilos approx) Cast Silver Bar 999% LBMA Good Delivery 

Each bar has a differing weight, Silver bar has roughly 1,000 ozs (between 930 oz and up to 1,080 oz) of at least 0.999 fine silver

1,000-oz silver bars are the sizes smelters pour as silver ore is refined. After the bars cool, the refineries weigh the silver bars and stamp the weights on them. 1,000-oz silver bars usually weigh anywhere between 930 ounces and 1080 ounces. Rarely do 1,000-oz silver bars ever weigh exactly 1,000 ounces. This is a globally recognised standard.

Bar Highlights:

  • Contains 1 kilo .999 fine Silver
  • Silver bar has roughly 1,000 ozs (between 930 and 1,080) of at least 0.999 fine silver
  • Silver bars from leading LBMA approved refinery
  • Competitive pricing and premiums
  • Efficient for stacking and private silver bullion storage
  • Store in high-security vaults in safest jurisdictions
  • Portable, internationally liquid form of financial insurance
  • Includes an individual serial number to ensure authenticity.

How are 1,000 oz Silver Bars Made?

Silver bars are made in three different ways. Bars have a high-quality polished finish if they have been manufactured from larger silver sheets and then pressed and stamped by a minting process.

A cast bar is produced by pouring molten silver into a mold or die which then cools. The assay mark and description are then impressed into the front of the bar. These bars have a traditional bar look to them.

1000 oz bars :  An extruded silver bar is made by heating silver metal and forcing it through a rectangular space. This creates a uniform length of the bar which is then cut and stamped with an assay mark.

Silver minted bars are made from silver blanks. Minting bars mean that the bars look better - allowing for special designs. It is more expensive and requires a little more time and therefore means that minted bars have higher premiums and are usually seen in smaller silver bars (1 oz and 10 oz)

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