The Queen's Beasts 2018 – Black Bull – 2 oz Silver Bullion Coin

10 x 2oz coins per tube
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The Queen's Beasts 2018 - Black Bull of Clarence, 2oz Silver Griffin Year 2018

Country: UK, Mint: British Royal Mint, Diameter: 38.61 mm, Weight: 62.42g, Purity: 0.9999% Au Fine Silver 

Packaging -  Coins come loose, packaged in official UK Royal Mint tubes of 10

At the coronation of Her Majesty The Queen, ten heraldic beasts stood guard. The plaster models were created for the occasion, symbolising the various strands of royal ancestry brought together in a young woman about to be crowned queen. Taking inspiration from the original statues, the Royal Mint has created the sense of strength and courage the beasts were intended to convey starting with a fierce lion; the first in a series of ten designs that will in turn celebrate each of The Queen's Beasts.

The fifth release in The Royal Mint’s Queen’s Beasts Collection features the Black Bull of Clarence, an emblem of Edward IV, the first ‘Yorkist’ king. A celebration of the ancient art of heraldry, the collection brings to life the ten imposing statues that stood guard at the coronation, symbols of the different strands of ancestry brought together through a young woman about to be crowned queen.

Following the success of the Lion of England, the Griffin of Edward III, the Dragon of Wales and the Unicorn of Scotland, we’re excited to reveal The Black Bull of Clarence Two Ounce Fine Silver Bullion Coin, featuring an original design by acclaimed coin designer Jody Clark.

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