20 French Francs - Napoleon III Laureate Head 1863

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20 French Francs - Napoleon III Laureate Head 1863

Country: France, Mint: Monnaie de Paris, Diameter: 21 mm, Thickness: 1.25 mm, Weight: 5.806g , Purity: 0.90% Gold

1863 20 French Francs gold coin features the Laureate head portrait of Napoleon III on the obverse, while the reverse showcases the denomination and year alongside the imperial coat of arms. The inscriptions include "NAPOLEON III EMPEREUR" and "EMPIRE FRANCAIS." The presence of the "A" mint mark signifies that the coin was minted in Paris.

Product Details:

  • Obverse: Right profile of the emperor wearing a laurel crown. The inscription "Napoléon III" is arched on the left, and "empereur" on the right. At the bottom center of the coin, the engraver's signature (Barre) is featured.
  • Reverse: All imperial symbols are grouped on the reverse of this coin, namely: The eagle, the crown, the imperial mantle, the Legion of Honour cross surmounted by an N for Napoléon, the sceptre, and the hand of justice. Surrounding this ensemble, in an arched formation, are the words "Empire Français." The monetary value is placed on either side of the coin, with "20" on the left and "FR" on the right. At the bottom of the coin, the mint year is indicated along with a letter preceding the date, denoting the minting facility.
  • Edge: Inscriptions in relief, Latin script with lettering: DIEU PROTEGE LA FRANCE which means God Protects France



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