10 Oz Tudor Beasts - The Yale of Beaufort Silver BU Coin 2023

Get the new 10 Oz Tudor Beasts - The Yale of Beaufort Silver BU Coin 2023
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The Royal Tudor Beasts - 10 oz Yale of Beaufort Silver Coin 2023

Country: United Kingdom, Mint: Royal Mint, Diameter: 89.00 mm, Weight: 311g, Purity: 0.9999% Ag Fine Silver

Product Details 

At the Moat Bridge of Hampton Court Palace, an assembly of ten Royal Beasts emerges from masterfully sculpted stone, their vigilant presence overseeing all who traverse the path. These esteemed guardians were ingeniously created to symbolize the enduring union and royal lineage of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour. Today, their regal aura has kindled the birth of an exquisite bullion series: The Royal Tudor Beasts collection.

The second coin in this distinguished series showcases the Yale of Beaufort, a mythical creature of profound significance. Skillfully envisioned by the artistic prowess of David Lawrence, the coin's reverse captures the essence of this enigmatic beast, enhanced by an intricate chainmail surface animation background texture that seamlessly merges aesthetic appeal with advanced security features.

The obverse of the coin is adorned with the fifth definitive coinage portrait of Her Majesty The Queen, an elegant creation by the skilled hand of Jody Clark. This portrait exudes a timeless dignity, serving as a testament to a legacy that spans generations.

Meticulously struck in 999.9 fine silver, adhering to the esteemed bullion standard, this coin embodies both historical significance and artistic finesse. It stands as a captivating embodiment of The Royal Tudor Beasts collection, inviting collectors and connoisseurs to partake in the fusion of heritage and precious metal.

Key Points:

  • Features the mythical Yale of Beaufort
  • Contains ten ounces of 999.9 fine silver
  • Struck to The Royal Mint’s bullion standard
  • David Lawrence’s design is inspired by the stone sculptures at Hampton Court Palace
  • A chainmail surface animation background texture provides additional security


Note: Photograph's are an example only and illustrate the quality of the coin(s). Actual item is subject to change by country mint production or yearly design changes, but will always correlate with title and description.

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