Immediate Time Horizon For Precious Metals Into

The Next Major Cycle Target : April / May 2021

 The Hare and The Tortoise Story

By David Mitchell

8th December 2020 

My latest article on The Hare & The Tortoise offers a clear analogy for the expected price action for both Silver and Platinum over the next 5 months.

The Optimal Seasonal Buying Opportunity that we have identified, exists from mid to late November and into December; which has empirically delivered a consistent and irrefutable investment time frame into precious metals.

From 30 November, Silver has risen nearly 13%, Platinum is up 25% in just 4 weeks from its 3 November lows.

This article maps out the technical picture and what I expect from Silver and Platinum in the short term into April - May 2021

We are incredibly bullish Silver and are expecting a price revaluation close to 350% into 2024 and furthermore, we are expecting Platinum to substantially outperform Silver. 


This distinct seasonal buying opportunity as of late 2020 is particularly dynamic based on a number of pertinent facts, which include the Covid-19 ravaged economies, global debt moving parabolically higher, record unemployment numbers being supported by government debt largesse, fiscal debt expansion policies being announced weekly to support broken economies and active money printing being the only foundation lever left and hence the huge unaccountable policies which directly lend themselves to outright currency debasement.

Added to this incredible bonfire of dry tinder is the fact that we are now facing new and dramatic supply-demand crunches (deficits) in several key precious metals that are structural and are expected to considerably worsen over the next few years.

This really is the perfect storm insofar as it will lead to substantial price resolutions of these metals and the commodity sector as whole.

I released the projected price action chart on 2nd October 2020 (see chart picture in report) to help guide our clients in identifying the distinct buying opportunities from the end of September into the end of November 2020.

In fact, the 30th November delivered the lows in Gold at US$1,764.50/oz and Silver at US$21.88/oz. and as of today the 8th December, Gold is trading at US$1,863.85/oz (+ 5.6%) and Silver is US$24.54/oz (+12.15%). Platinum saw a low in early November and is currently up +26% in the last month.

Using varying forms of technical analysis alongside cycle wave analysis and combined with the expected and significant uptick in metal prices into April - May 2021, this move is merely a short-term cycle within the much greater revaluations expected into 2024 and beyond. This produces a price map of what we can all expect.


CLICK HERE to download the full article demonstrating the charts and technical analysis. 



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