• <p>Global platinum supply heavily relies on South Africa (72%), Russia (11%), North America (5%), and Zimbabwe (9%), with 81% in geopolitically high-risk areas. South Africa faces social and economic challenges, including high unemployment and struggling state-owned enterprises. Eskom's power generation issues pose a serious threat to platinum mining and global decarbonization. Despite ongoing challenges, the South African platinum industry is pursuing renewable projects to reduce dependence on Eskom, but the risk of prolonged load shedding remains.</p>

    2023-12-12 05:09:41
  • Investing in precious metals, particularly gold, preserves wealth due to their enduring value and limited supply. Including a diversified portfolio of metals like silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium provides stability and global liquidity. These tangible assets act as a hedge against economic crises and inflation, ensuring a secure store of wealth for future generations. Consequently, investors are increasingly leveraging precious metals to bolster portfolio stability in volatile markets.

    2023-11-02 03:17:32
  • I believe we have finally come to the end of this very long and extremely frustrating (for all concerned) near 3-year price consolidation in precious metals.

    2023-07-05 04:20:00
  • Is investing in gold bullion a good long-term investment as claimed? Explore the reasons to buy gold and how to choose them now to maximise gains with IPM.

    2023-07-20 08:46:00
  • Lack of Liquidity: Another drawback of storing precious metals at home is the lack of liquidity. If you decide to sell your gold or other precious metals, it can be challenging to find buyers quickly. Selling through reputable dealer solves this issue.

    2023-08-09 08:46:00
  • Known for their capacity to hedge against market volatility, precious metals like gold and silver can provide a reassuring presence in any well-diversified portfolio.

    2023-08-07 08:46:00
  • Notably, this company holds the esteemed position of being the world's leading producer of platinum, and it also boasts a significant role as a top producer of other platinum group metals, such as palladium and rhodium. Within its latest production reports, the 1st half of 2023 they have reported -8% fall in platinum production versus 1H year 2022.

    2023-07-24 08:46:00
  • An explosive investment opportunity in Rhodium exists.

    2018-05-20 23:47:47
  • Platinum (Pt) serves as an essential and highly sought after industrial metal and its global demand is picking up strongly.

    2018-07-03 07:32:00
  • Understand what is happening today and what is coming in the months and years ahead you have to understand what the drivers are in the first place. The panacea by world monetary authorities to the GFC ( Global Financial Crisis ) of 2007 to ‘09 had major long-term negative repercussions which effectively is going to lead into an ever greater crisis which we are now beginning to experience

    2018-09-07 07:13:53
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