1970's Inflation Spike Update

Where We are Now in Metals Bull Market? 

By David Mitchell -   July 15th 2021 

With our latest market update below we lay out very clearly where we are in this present cycle, supported by chart analysis. Investors must ensure that they have a very clear understanding of what absolute, real returns they can expect over the next 3 to 4 years from an investment diversification into precious metals today.

A Flash Update on the latest inflation numbers and pressures, plus a snapshot of a recent interview from one of the most successful and prominent fund managers in the world on the enormous investment opportunity in commodities and precious metals and inflation expectations. 

And finally the latest bullet point updates on the platinum market, on the back of the recent 7% rise in its price in the last week. 

Do not miss these updates to understand where we are and what to expect exactly. 

USA Inflation Update as of yesterday 13th July  

Inflation Surge Continues -- June 2021 Annual Consumer Price Inflation (CPI-U) Hit a 13-Year High of +5.39%, just 0.21% shy of a 41-Year 1980 Peak.

Or Real Yield of -3.99% (10-Year US Bond trading at 1.40% minus Inflation +5.39%)

Real yield is the nominal yield of a bond minus the rate of inflation. 

Now commentators on the news networks are asking the question … are we at risk of experiencing 1970’s type inflation that drove precious metals dramatically higher ? - well folks we already have 1970’s inflation as the June ShadowStats Alternate CPI Measure Hit +13.38%, which was an actual 41-Year peak. Or a Real Yield of -11.98% 


It is widely accepted, though not fully comprehended by the majority of investors around the world, that our governments have repeatedly manipulated the CPI (inflation) calculation methodology since 1980 to artificially suppress the headline inflation number. This is a wholly contrived ‘sleight-of-hand’ required to ensure that inflation runs hot as we operate in a severe debt-based fiat monetary system. The debt needs to be constantly devalued and is achieved by actually debasing currency value which is done directly through inflation and which is essentially disguised through the ongoing manipulation of the data.


 Cyclical Trends in Precious Metals

An Extremely Positive Indicator

by David J Mitchell, Founding Partner - Indigo Precious Metals Group, 15 July 2021

The overwhelming investment opportunity within the precious metals space can often be entirely lost on new investors. Even seasoned investors and existing clients can become frustrated and risk losing sight of the fact that the revaluation in metals over next few years (substantially higher than today's levels) is irreversible.

Article attached covers all the points including charts demonstrating where we are exactly and what to expect in the immediate future and over the next 3 to 4 years.  

 CLICK HERE to download our new update including the cycles.


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