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Min Order

20 Kilo / USD 4000.00

Prices as of 25th July 2024

Price Per kilo Price Per oz Price Per lb
USD 4000.00 USD 5.66 USD 90.71

Key Information

Purity / Grade

4N5 (99.995%), 5N (99.999%), 6N (99.9999%)

Purchase Documents

Commercial Invoice, Seller of Producer's "Certificate of Analysis", Sellers Weight Certificate



Vaulting Charges

+ 1.4 % per annum 2 k to 149 k US$, + 1.2 % per annum 150 k to 299 k US$, + 1.0 % per annum > 300 k US$


sealed jars

Crustal Abundance (ppm)


Logistical Delivery

You will need to pay all costs relating to delivery of your order. This may cover some or all of the following: airport terminal charges, permit charges, important clearance, vaulting strong-room charges. The average cost for a consignment stock delivery of $50,000 to $100,000 will be around $400. We will make the exact price clear from the outset.


Predominantly used in the electronics industry, gallium nonetheless has a variety of commercial uses, including:

  • Semiconductors (98% of gallium’s total use)
  • Infrared devices
  • Photovoltaic cells for satellite power applications
  • Microwave, high-speed switching and infrared circuits
  • LEDs
  • Jewellery

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