Vaulting with Assurances

  • Private and Confidential

    We take our client’s privacy very seriously. Our core values of trust, confidentiality, service and commitment is backed by measures put in place to ensure total discretion at all times.

  • Fully Segregated, Secure Storage

    You retain full property rights in your investment bullion, which are wholly segregated to your named vaulted account and physically separated from all other holdings.

  • Best Market Prices

    We constantly aspire to offering the most competitive pricing in the markets. We continually measure our prices against our competitors, but never compromise on safety, security or quality.

  • Professional Team Support

    Our team is lead by market experts with many decades of direct experience in global banking and investment trading. A team of experienced bullion people is on hand to assist with your enquiries and account facilities.

  • Zero Solvency Risk

    Clients have no exposure to any insolvency or counterparty risk arising from failures within the financial system or indeed our company itself. Vaulting solutions remain external with premier third party vaulting agents outside the banking system.

  • Five Star Trust Rating

    Our Google 5 Star and FeeFo 100% rating underlines our unmatched commitment to professional customer service, swift transactions, best of market prices, extensive industry expertise and secure bonded vaulting.

IPM group offers the most market competitive pricing over a large product range across the five precious metal groups (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium) as well as rare earth metals in the marketplace.

Our wide range of investment precious metals from around the world come in various weights and types from minted to cast bars and coins. All our products are of the highest quality and purity, investment grade bullion available for secure segregated A class vaulting in Singapore, fully insured delivery worldwide or self-collection.

As our clients, you will get to enjoy the very special vault storage rates that are available under our company umbrella. Fully allocated and segregated storage that guarantees the full ownership rights of your bullion holdings, protected with an all-risk insurance policy held with Lloyds of London. With the latest high security monitoring, your precious metals are stored in the most secured storage in the free trade zone where you can enjoy tax free exemption on your transactions.

Our team of financial investment market professionals can advise on portfolio breakdowns of the metals taking into consideration the prevalent driving forces behind each metal.

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