500 Gram Tokuriki Platinum Bar 999.5% LPPM

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500 Gram Tokuriki Platinum Bar 999.5% LPPM

Japanese Refined & Produced

World-renowned Refinery.

The discovery of platinum, initially dubbed "little silver" by the Spanish, is credited to their exploration of the South American continent and interactions with indigenous tribes for trade. Over time, platinum gained popularity as a precious metal, a trend that persists in modern society with the continued demand for affordable bullion.

Bar Highlights:

  • Contains 500 Grams (16.07 Troy oz) of .9995 pure platinum.
  • The obverse field features the Tokuriki refiner logo with identifying hallmarks.
  • The reverse field is deliberately left blank.

The obverse side of the 500 Gram Tokuriki Platinum Bar features the refiner's logo prominently positioned at the top of the design field. The Tokuriki logo comprises a simple circular design with Japanese language symbols in the center, surrounded by English text. Additionally, the bar displays information about its purity, metal content, and weight, along with a distinctive serial number.

Conversely, the reverse side of the 500 Gram Tokuriki Platinum Bar intentionally remains unadorned, emphasizing the bar's sleek and smooth surface. This side is free from inscriptions or imagery, allowing the purity and elegance of the platinum to take center stage.

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