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Bespoke Service - Just For You

IPM Group provides custom precious metal investment solutions. With a global network of partnerships with the world's leading mints and refineries, our expert team provides bespoke physical precious metal investment advice, portfolio solutions for individual, corporate and trust clients. 
Clients maintain full ownership and control with ultra-safe, wholly segregated storage options, worldwide insured delivery or self-collection from our Singapore Headquarters.
We assist our clients diversify their investment portfolio and deliver results.
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Sponge / Powder / Pellets / Ingots



Min Order

20 Kilo / USD $160740.00

Prices as of 28th September 2023

Price Per kilo Price Per oz Price Per lb
$8037.00 to $8500.00 USD $249.98 to $264.38 USD $3653.18 to $3863.63 USD

Key Information

Purity / Grade

4N5 (99.995%), 5N (99.999%), 6N (99.9999%)

Purchase Documents

Commercial Invoice, Seller of Producer's "Certificate of Analysis", Sellers Weight Certificate


Parts per million (ppm) 10,000 ppm = 1%

Vaulting Charges

+0.40 % per annum 2 k to 149 k US$, +0.30 % per annum 150 k to 299 k US$, +0.28 % per annum > 300 k US$


Tin Jar, Plastic Jar, Bags of pellets, pallet, box

Crustal Abundance (ppm)


Logistical Delivery

You will need to pay all costs relating to delivery of your order. This may cover some or all of the following: airport terminal charges, permit charges, important clearance, vaulting strong-room charges. The average cost for a consignment stock delivery of $50,000 to $100,000 will be around $400. We will make the exact price clear from the outset.


Ruthenium is increasingly widely used in modern technology and processes. Some key uses include:

  • Electronic components, including chip resistors and electrical contacts
  • Electrochemical cells for chlorine production
  • Catalysts in the production of ammonia and acetic acid
  • Solar cells and renewable energy technologies
  • Hardener for platinum and palladium for electrical products and jewellery

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