April 11, 2024

With a profound sense of loss and enduring respect, we commemorate the life of Dr David Richard Davis, who passed away on April 11, 2024.

He was not only a close colleague but a friend, whose tenure with our company was marked by over five years of tireless dedication. David enlightened us with his profound understanding of the platinum group metals industry, his hard work illuminating the path for many.

An independent consultant in gold and precious metals, including uranium, David’s vast experience encompassed strategic planning, mining asset management, valuation, new business initiatives, and metals beneficiation. His forty-five-year tenure with the South African mining industry was nothing short of legendary, as he expertly managed numerous metallurgical operations and served on executive committees, shaping the future of mining.

David’s expertise was honoured with gold and silver medals by the Mine Metallurgical Managers Association of South Africa, a testament to his outstanding contributions. His insights as a Mining Investment Analyst for Credit Suisse Standard Securities and Standard Bank Securities were invaluable, with his work from 2001 to 2017 providing a foundation for many successful ventures within the industry.

His analytical skills led him to be a key figure in corporate IPOs and acquisitions, offering critical valuations of gold mining companies that facilitated growth and expansion. In recent years, David ventured into the realm of auditing and advising on company sustainability reporting, ensuring that progress could be married to responsibility.

David's departure has left an immeasurable gap in our professional landscape and our personal lives. He leaves behind his loving wife, Corné Davis, and his cherished children, who, along with his extended family and friends, will miss him beyond words.

We find solace in the wealth of memories and knowledge that David shared. His professional legacy will continue to resonate within the mining industry, and the memory of his compassion and camaraderie will remain with us always.

As we bid farewell to David, we carry forward the light of his wisdom, the warmth of his friendship, and the example of his integrity. Rest in peace, your memory will forever be a beacon of inspiration.

With heartfelt sympathy and respect,

The teams at IPM Group & Auctus Metal Portfolios