Spectacular Chart Performances in 3 charts 

Our Clients Portfolio Performance 

Investors often approach us for advice and information on the following….

1)     Clients want to know which physical precious metals they should invest in?  How they do it?

2)     They want to understand what exactly our companies can offer even the most experienced precious metal investor over and above what they could possibly expect elsewhere. 

3)     Investors want clarification of our achievements in the precious metals portfolio advice area.

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  • Auctus PM1 (Profectus Model 1)
  • Auctus PM2 (Profectus Model 2)


Can any of our competitors in this industry demonstrate or offer such physical metal portfolio performance after costs?

No performance is guaranteed of course and expected pullbacks are anticipated which is part and parcel of global markets price action. Auctus provides a diversified well managed portfolio which is constantly being monitored daily by a team of investment professionals across a strong partnership of bullion and logistic companies collectively brought together into our company Auctus Metal Portfolios Pte Ltd.

This is considered imperative for our client base.

Auctus longstanding proven out-performance seems a logical way of approaching your hard precious metals diversification requirements.

Always full physical metal investment allocation, zero paper trading or collateralization. The metals are held fully in the client’s sole named vaulted account, which is held with third party vaulting within free-trade zones security premises.


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