FUTURE MONEY TRENDS: Silver Will Break $50 In 2016


Future Money Trends believes silver could break $50 in 2016 due to three reasons.  They put together this short video detailing the reasons why the market could see a breakout in the silver price.  Will it happen in 2016 ?  That’s a good question.

While I believe the value of silver will surge in the future, it’s hard to determine the timing of this event.  That being said, Future Money Trends puts together high-quality interesting videos with a lot of good information and data.  I highly recommend watching this video and it contains valuable information about the silver market and industry.

I believe the huge leverage, debt and derivatives in the world markets will cause serious volatility in 2016.  Just as David Collum stated in his interview with Chris Martenson, The Next Recession will be a Barn-Burner.



Yes, it’s true… precious metal investors are tired of the four-year downturn in the price of gold and silver valued against the US$.  However, who would have thought the Federal Reserve and world central banks would have propped up the banks with trillions of Dollars of monetary Hocus Pocus?

This present highly leveraged debt based monetary system is not sustainable.  Each passing day, it grows weaker.  Several of the items discussed in this video will happen.  The world will peak in global silver production and investment demand will skyrocket.  It’s important to buy and hold silver before this occurs.



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