Platinum Price To Rise

As “Climate Change” Pressure Gains Traction

Part 2 

29th February 2020 

Dear Valued Customer,

As part of Auctus Portfolio Metals new services to our customers we have decided not only to pioneer clients “investment options” in precious metals achieving alpha returns within physical active diversification algorithmic strategies see here, but also provide our clients with cutting edge research.

This is especially important in the lesser known and mis-understood PGM space (Platinum Group Metals).  These form a cornerstone of the Auctus balanced precious metals portfolios, exposures fluctuate from cycle to cycle.

Any clients who have invested using Auctus over the 12-months or longer have simply experienced exceptional returns in their physical portfolios. These returns have in a substantial way been driven by the recent stellar performances of Rhodium and Palladium. We plan on doing a deeper dive into what has driven recent price increases in these metals and what we expect to happen in the future with the other metals, timing these individual cycles sets our diversification performance apart from anything the market presently has to offer.

As a part of this series we have commissioned David Davis to start your journey with a 2-part series on Platinum. We believe that Platinum may be the next precious metal to watch closely and have asked David to look into what has driven Platinum price movements in the past and what investors could expect to happen in Platinum prices over the next couple of years.

Dr Davies has a wealth of experience that he can share with our clients, please see his resume below.

Our team at Indigo Precious Metals and Auctus are naturally ready to assist customers with any queries they potentially have after they have read any of the material and would be happy to guide clients through any potential investment decisions they may have.

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