Preparing for your big day or searching for a special gift to congratulate a loved one for tying the knot? Gold bridal jewellery and gold products have been a time-honoured choice of wedding accessories and gifts across various cultures.


However, picking the right type of gold for gifting can be tricky, as different races in Singapore have unique traditions that can influence their choices. But fret not. Whether you’re attending an IndianChinese, or Malay wedding, this guide will help you master the art of selecting the right option for each occasion.


Chinese Wedding Traditions


When it comes to Chinese weddings, the Guo Da Li ceremony is the first instance when the tradition of gifting gold items comes into play.


Gold Items for Guo Da Li


During Guo Da Li, the bride is traditionally given betrothal gold jewellery coined Si Dian Jin, or 'four touches of gold’, to welcome her into the groom’s family. When choosing Si Dian Jin, your decision will be influenced by the groom’s dialect group.


Teochew grooms in Singapore typically present a full set comprising wedding banglesnecklaces, earrings, and rings made of solid 999 gold. Meanwhile, Hokkien, Cantonese, and Hakka grooms often give gold bangles, with the latter two favouring designs featuring dragon and phoenix motifs.



Gold Wedding Gifts for Hui Li


If you're from the bride's side of the family, your gifts come in during the Hui Li stage. During this stage of the wedding preparation, the bride’s family will return a portion of the Guo Da Li gifts to the groom along with extra items as a gesture of gratitude and the sharing of good fortune.


When preparing for Hui Li, popular presents include fate coins, believed to foster amicable relationships between the newlyweds. If you’re picking fate coins as the bride’s immediate family, Indigo Precious Metal (IPM) offers a wide selection of gold bullion coins, including special bullion collectables, enabling you to add an extra commemorative meaning to your wedding gift.



Gold for Indian Wedding

Gold for Indian Wedding

In the case of Indian weddingsgold’s presence is also indispensable as many Indians believe that gold not only brings wealth and prosperity but also carries the blessings of goddess Lakshmi. It's no wonder that families and friends commonly buy gold bars or gold ornaments to express well-wishes for the bride.


If you’re gifting jewellery, one iconic accessory to consider is the Haar. This majestic gold necklace boasts an intricate pendant embedded with precious gems. Worn close to the heart, it is believed to attract or strengthen love for the bride and is also frequently passed down as a cherished family heirloom.


Another popular gold jewellery in Indian weddings is the Mangalsutra, commonly adorned by Indian brides across diverse ancestral origins. Unlike the Haar, the Mangalsutra has a relatively simple design that features a pendant made of two gold cups strung together to symbolise an auspicious thread that binds the souls of the couple. For the practical modern-day bride, gold bangles like those offered by IPM are ideal, as they can be worn beyond the wedding day, making them gifts that brides will truly appreciate.



Gold for Malay Wedding


For Malay weddings in Singaporegold is valued for its symbolism of purity and elegance and is presented to the bride at the engagement ceremony in the form of a Cincin Belah Rotan. The Cincin Belah Rotan is a gold wedding band signifying betrothal, and simple designs are often appreciated due to their suitability for daily wear. As ceremonies advance, the betrothal band gives way to more elaborate engagement and wedding rings.


While the rings are usually prepared by the immediate family members, there is ample room for friends and relatives to express their blessings through other gold jewellery, like bangles and necklaces. However, as wearing gold is not permissible for Malay Muslim men, you may want to opt for gold collectables if your intended recipient is the groom.



Embracing Modernity in Tradition with IPM


While wedding traditions are largely practised in modern-day weddings, there are many young couples who now prefer gold accessories with designs that can be worn in their daily life. For those who prioritise contemporary elegance, why not begin your search by exploring IPM’s minimalist gold jewellery and versatile gold bars that offer your recipient the flexibility to melt and create custom pieces?


With direct partnerships with refiners, IPM cuts out the middlemen, enabling you to buy premium gold accessories and bullion at the best value. Browse our gold jewellery collection in Singapore today, or speak to us if you require further advice.