Precious Metals in 2022

Interest Rates Rising: A Very Bullish Signal For Precious Metals

By David Mitchell

28th January 2022 

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For the past 52 years in the US, every cycle where interest rates begin to move higher at a time when real yields initially hover in negative territory; has led to an explosive rally in Gold in line with the precise time frame of interest rate increases.

We are currently in the throes of a period of monetary tightening policy, with global inflation clearly apparent and the most extreme negative nominal yields recorded in the last 76 years!

Stock indices and property prices have recently recorded the most overvalued metrics in over 100 years of data, driven by global Central Bank largesse and 0% interest rates.

The world's economies are walking blindly into a (publicly announced) macroeconomic regime change; although we do not predict this tightening to last much beyond 2022.

To make matters worse, very negative macroeconomic data in the US, Europe and China is building, alongside cost-push inflation which is primarily driven by enormous global aggregate demand for commodities over and above aggregate supply. Demand for precious metals in 2022 has started very strongly.

There has never been a more important time to have a clear and impartial understanding of the impending economic headwinds. It is absolutely critical at this juncture to pursue major portfolio diversification and re-balance one's wealth and assets to take advantage of the incoming Stagflationary environment.

This report is designed to pinpoint the main drivers of the negative macroeconomic landscape as identified; and detail why this is so extremely bullish for precious metals, which remain considerably undervalued at these levels.


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