Silver Price  - Short Term Top Here ?

13th September 2017

by David Mitchell


I sent this this note below to our private clients when Silver was trading around US$ 18.00 for clarification.

There is a great deal happening in the markets (behind the curtain) and our financial system seems to be speeding to its obvious conclusion in line with our cycle targets I have indicated many times. 

USA debt has sky rocketed through 20 Trillion US$ (not including unfunded liabilities) without even a murmur from the mainstream press - a huge number and yet no one is talking about it ?

Global central banks have instigated over 2 Trillion US$ of asset purchases in 2017 up to end of August. Does this not seem unusual that money printing and debt expansion is now exploding at a greater velocity than the last 8 years (average of the last 8 years since the crisis central banks have averaged 1.5 Trillion US$ per annum). Does this not stink that the system is having to add ever more digits of debt to keep this whole ponzi scheme on its tracks ?


Then we have Goldman Sachs on the 4th September 2017....

For Goldman Sachs to break ranks and publicly admit that only physical gold held wholly segregated is the only way to hold this essential portfolio diversification, but also to imply that gold is the true tier one asset class is rather shocking with its honesty.

In a note on the role of gold as a "geopolitical hedge of last resort", Goldman chief commodities strategist, Jeff Currie 

The lesson learned was that if gold liquidity dries up along with the broader market, so does your hedge, unless it’s physical gold in a vault, the true hedge of last resort.” — Jeff Currie, Goldman Sachs 

If buying gold, don’t buy futures or ETFs.  Buy the real thing.” — Jeff Currie, Goldman Sachs


Anyway back to today ....   I believe Silver could be looking at a shallow dip (sell off) here, technically I am targetting US$ 17.32 as important support, looking for levels to buy into as amazing opportunities per the graceful opportunity given by the banks (charts was sent to private clients).


As Rudyard Kipling said in his famous poem...

 If you can keep your head when all about you, Are losing theirs ____ 


 If you spend too much time focusing on what’s going wrong, you’ll miss the amazing opportunities that are right in front of you.





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