Mad Rush Out of Paper Assets Coming “The Data to Prove It!”

By SRSRocco Posted 5th April

Most investors are in serious trouble as the majority have their net worth tied up in paper assets in one form or another.  While paper assets were a safe place to store wealth in the past, the future will not be so kind.  Why?  The most important factor that drives the U.S. and global markets will no longer allow economic expansion.

A financial system based on paper assets, extreme leverage and debt require economic expansion to be sustainable.  Thus, the majority of investors do not realize they have sunk their wealth into a CAPITAL SINK.  A sink that will only drain in one direction–DOWN.

An individual needs to understand why most paper assets will be in severe trouble in the future and why its also important to move into physical assets.  I believe gold and silver are two of the most safest physical assets to own going forward.

I discuss this and many other topics with Dan at Future Money Trends in a two-part interview below:

Part 1...

Part 2...


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