Auctus Metal Portfolios

January 2021 Newsletter 

By David Mitchell

5th January 2021 

Please have a look at my latest article which covers the optimal questions most people want answered, our January Auctus Metal Portfolios Newsletter and hopefully I trust my broad-brush synopsis helps in answering the questions below. As always, if you require more detailed analysis, please do get in touch and we can arrange a call to discuss further.

Now we believe the most important question for everyone is 'what is the best investment diversification for my portfolio moving forward from here into 2021 and 2022?

'How do I protect myself and indeed continue to grow my funds, and what does the macroeconomic landscape hold for us and what exactly are the risks?'

Our achievements for our clients can be seen directly here in Models 1 & 2 in hard physical metal diversification in the clients vault, re-weighted through the year to capture major opportunties in the precious metals. 




 CLICK HERE to download the full article demonstrating the charts and technical analysis. 



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