Clear Cycle Turns

Precious metals, Stock Market Falls and the Surge in the Mighty US$

Updated 25th October 2018

As stated, many times in my writings, the major cycle turn in the metals was December 2015, it has been very much a slow rounding base that has built in the metals since then (and commodities for that matter) but with gold we presently find ourselves +18% from that low in US$. There are quite a number of indicators I look at and analyse for the major cycles and major trend recognition, this is especially an exciting and interesting period ahead of us all.

Alongside that we have seen a surge in the US$ on the FX markets, hence since December 2015, gold in £ (Sterling) has risen +37%, +27% in CNY (China) and +22% in AUD (Australia)… etc.

A quick 2-page update on the markets and where we sit in the greater cycles, in absolute terms, the scene seems set for a new and explosive bull market for commodities, but especially in precious metals very much supported by the deteriorating global macro-economic picture.


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