2016 - Golden Year for Gold

According to Cycles

Written and posted by IPM Group 9th February 2016


Please note: Disclaimer at the end of this article.

Gold charts are courtesy of goldprice.org

Gold in 2016 has long been targeted by cycle analysis as the start of the new super bull market, not only in gold but across the precious metal spectrum. A culmination of the ongoing build-up in the worlds debt crisis will ultimately tear confidence apart in central government and central banking prowess to save everyone. With the popping of the debt markets, a flight from bond markets and asset classes dependent on debt (real estate) will flow into hard monetary assets.

Note : Nothing moves in a straight line, year 2016 will be a long term buying opportunity for the smart investors. Expect extreme volatility in either direction. Buying on any dips this year is essential to protecting your wealth portfolio going forward. 

So rather than writing anymore here, let us proceed with how Gold has performed against world currencies over the last 4 to 6 weeks of this new year 2016.  We have listed just a few examples.....






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