Multi Currency Store Credit

Transferring Credit Into Your Account

We offer our customers the opportunity to pre-credit balances into their own accounts, which you can view online using your own personal login details.

This facility is purely for the customer’s assistance as we are aware that it takes times for funds to be moved over (especially considering US$) and you may wish to anticipate a purchase of physical metals at a price that best suits you.

This credit balance will automatically push your purchase through and guarantee the price and delivery of your products.

Transfer of funds 'once fully cleared' in our accounts* will be immediately credited to your online-funds-balance in either of the following currencies:
Currency Stores Available :

US$,  Sing$,  Myr ,  Sterling  &  Euros

* 'Funds on account are considered cleared when there are no holds placed on the funds.'
Please take note: if you credit us with a currency (example US$) then you will only be able to purchase in that currency (again US$). If you wish to convert your currency balance into another currency (of the 5 currencies we have on offer) then please contact us direct to request an FX rate conversion.

Please make sure you email us directly with your plans.

When you make your transfer it is very important that you send us an email at   with the details of your payment instructions so we can check the relevant bank for receivership of good credit.
Please quote your customer email on your account, in the reference field on your payment instruction.

Transfer Details

Bank Wire Transfer Details Below :
Account Name Currency Bank Name Account Number Swift Code
IPM Group Pte Ltd Sing$ UOB Bank Singapore 348-305-621-2 UOVBSGSG
IPM Group Pte Ltd US$ UOB Bank Singapore 364-906-640-8 UOVBSGSG
IPM Group Pte Ltd Euro UOB Bank Singapore 364-906-740-4 UOVBSGSG
IPM Group Pte Ltd GBP UOB Bank Singapore 348-901-062-1 UOVBSGSG
Indigo Precious Metals Group Sdn Bhd MYR Standard Chartered Malaysia Saadiq Berhad 332-4099-50-753 SCSRMYK1XXX
IPM Group Pte Ltd Sing$ PayPal paypal@capital
UOB Bank Singapore Address:
UOB Bank Singapore
80 Raffles Place
UOB Plaza 1
Singapore, 048624

PayPal & Credit Card Payment Details Below :
We are now accepting credits from a number of different credit cards and debit cards, through our payment gateway with PayPal.

We will only accept credits received through PayPal to a level of 10% of the total invoice - to lock in the price of the metals and confirm the trade. Further payments can be made by direct bank transfer.

All PayPal & Credit-Card Credits will be converted into Sing$
by our payment gateway provider
Please take note: All funds received through PayPal come with a surcharge of 4.4% (which is charged by PayPal to us), hence any credit received will have 4.4% deducted.The adjusted credit will then automatically be credited to your specific account via your email address login details.

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