F&Q’s - Frequenty Asked Questions

I have questions on how to pay for my products and your policies.

Please see our Payment & Cancellation Policies page, we cover all such queries that may arise. If you have any further questions then please contact our Sales Team at +65 6223 0185 or email us at [email protected].

When can I collect my order?

You may collect the items within 2 weeks upon placing your order. If you are unable to collect within 2 weeks, please contact our Sales Team at +65 6223 0185 or email us at [email protected].

For Pre-Order, when should I pay and when can I collect my order?

Full payment for all orders, irrespective of their availability status, must be made no later than the following business day. The expected availability on pre-order items varies depending on suppliers delivery.

Please refer to the delivery information on the product listing page for the estimated product availability.

For inquiries on collection in our showroom, please contact our Sales Team at +65 6223 0185 or email us at [email protected].

I purchase a Palladium product. When can I collect it?

Please note that Palladium products are taxable and are stored in Le Freeport vault in Changi. Upon receiving the full payment, we will extract the Palladium within 1 week and will advise you on the collection. 

I wish to cancel my purchase, what are your policies.

Please see our Payment & Cancellation Policies page, we cover all such queries that may arise. If you have any further questions then please email us at  [email protected]  

I would like to purchase some physical metals for transporation to Europe or USA, etc..

We as a group not only have our vaults in Freeport Singapore, but we also have vaults in London. We can ship directly from London thereby reducing the cost of insured delivery substantially.
Please contact us directly for an accurate estimate of delivery to your particular region of the world. We can also give advice on local taxes and shipment delivery dates depending on the available quantity of the metals you are looking to purchase.

How are my goods sent?

We have a number of logistic agents we work with, including UPS, Brink's and FedEx. All our packages are sent fully insured and require a signature on receipt. Once your items have been dispatched, you will be sent an online tracking number.
Please note that packages are insured until signed for upon receipt at the delivery address.We can accept no liability for items once signed for.

How will I know when my order is being delivered?

You will receive an email following dispatch of your order which will include a tracking number.

I notice your price for Gold products is above current market price. Why is this?

The global spot price for gold is purely a paper based futures contract, based on inter-bank transfers of London-Good-Delivery Bars which are 400 oz or 12.5 kilograms in weight. This price is only available to large banks or financial institutions and does not include any brokerage fees, transportation, storage or insurance.
Smaller bars and bullion coins are always sold at a premium to the spot paper prices to reflect the additional costs of refining, production, packaging and shipping. Bullion coins-of-the-realm will vary in price depending on production supply and mint seigniorage against world demand.

You will find our premiums are extremely competitive and hence our products lower-priced compared to other dealers. The larger bars of 1 kilo are the most cost effective.

How will I know you have received my funds?

You will immediately receive an email from us to confirm receipt of funds have been received in our company bank accounts.
Transfer of funds 'once fully cleared' in our accounts will be immediately credited to your online-funds-balance in the relevant currency.

Do your bars come with an assay certificate?

All of our bullion bars are investment grade products of the highest quality and purity. The bars or coins all have their purity stamped upon them by either the refineries or mints in question.
All of our bars have a unique serial number that is held on the refinery or mints database. Some of our smaller bars come sealed in tamper proof packaging. If a certificate is supplied, it will always be shown in the image and stated in the description. All of our bars come directly from the mints or refineries and hence come with a clear paper trail of purchase.

Do you buy back bullion bars and coins that you have sold, which are not held in storage ?

We are happy to re-purchase any bars or coins that we have supplied at very competitive buy-back prices.
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