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Silver Coins

Silver Coins (Ag) Investing in Silver Bullion Coins is extremely popular worldwide and represents one of the easiest, fastest and most affordable ways to invest in precious metals.
Our bullion silver coins are appreciated not only for their precious metal value, but also for their captivating look and feel of each sovereign mint's exquisitely crafted designs.

Silver Investment Coins are popular because they offer a very affordable value–unit, which comes with the necessary guarantees of purity and authenticity. A coin of-the-realm with its unique design and markings is a 100% reliable statement of the silver purity.

In terms of the “practical value” of the silver content, coins are usually sold at higher premiums to the prevailing “dore” or good delivery futures metal market prices because a coin is a costly item to manufacture. Some of the cost of the coin will be determined simply by the cost to refine to 999,9% purity, mint, design and package, which is over and above its metal content. Premiums over-and-above metal prices can rise and fall for bullion coins, depending on prevailing supply demand dynamics.

Buying your silver investment coins in bulk is the most cost-efficient way of investing in these coins. We offer an attractive range of options for bulk purchases, including our “Monster Boxes” of 500 silver investment coins. These are available from one of the world’s most popular silver coins, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. We also sell the very desirable UK Royal Mint Britannia Silver Coin and the USA Silver Eagles.
Indigo Precious Metals is highly knowledgeable in Silver Investment Products and will guide and advise investors on the most appropriate choices, regardless of your budget or investment objectives.
We do offer special deals every so often, which provide an excellent opportunity for you to buy the most beautiful silver bullion coins from around the world at remarkably affordable prices.
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