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Silver Bars

Silver Bars (Ag) Silver Bullion Investment Bars are available in a wide range of weights and formats. Our range includes a perfect spread of options, starting with a Silver Investment Minted Bar at 250 grams in tamper proof packaging, from Baird & Co. (London Mint). This weight of bullion bar is favoured by investors who require their silver holding in smaller denominations for more flexibility when trading part of their holdings.

Our range also includes Baird & Co. 500 gram Silver Minted Investment Bars, 1kilo JBR Cast Silver Bars (co-branded with Baird Mint) London Good Delivery and the more substantial 100 ounce cast silver bullion bars also LBMA Good Delivery.
Investors seeking the best value for money favour the larger 100 oz silver bars as (gram for gram) these are the most cost effective.

Indigo Precious Metals online store prices our silver bars in real-time. Prices refresh every three minutes, affording our customers a unique and highly accurate purchase price guarantee, benchmarked against real-time global prices. Additionally, we are renowned for our attractive prices and are in most cases, cheaper than many of our competitors.

Investing in Silver Bullion is attractive to new as well as experienced investors as it allows investors to make meaningful investments from under US$ 200, and to be in a position to trade their silver investments in smaller units. Again, it is advisable to purchase the larger bars if you are looking for the best pricing, and we recommend you visit Indigo Precious Metals often to see what special offers are available.
Indigo Precious Metals is highly knowledgeable in Silver Investment Products and will guide and advise investors on the most appropriate choices, regardless of your budget or investment objectives.
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